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Traveling to Borrego Springs, California

California has beaches but also deserts! Borrego Springs is one of those deserts and is located approximately 2 hours East from beautiful San Diego. I went on a hike [...]

  • Rome, Italy

Traveling to Rome, Italy

One of my favourite cities to visit, with deep culture and history. Of course it also has pastas, pizzas and espressos - all of which I cannot live without! Ciao! [...]

  • Strasbourg, France

Traveling to Strasbourg, France

Located on the border between France and Germany, this city has changed owner multiple times but has now settled into belonging to France. With it's fascinating history, food and culture [...]

  • Kairouan, Tunisia

Traveling to Kairouan, Tunisia

A little girl walks along the cobble-stones of Kairouan in Tunisia to visit her grandmother. This photo is special to me because it tells a story of the life in [...]