Traveling to Borrego Springs, California

California has beaches but also deserts! Borrego Springs is one of those deserts and is located approximately 2 hours East from beautiful San Diego.

I went on a hike to search for the endangered Big Horn Sheep, which live up along the mountains.  As we headed back from our hike, suddenly I turn right and there was this amazing animal looking back at me.  I took some shots with my camera while trying to stay still.  It started walking away from me and headed towards the sunset mountains.  Sometimes nature brings all of its beautiful elements together into one frame for you to capture with the camera.  Well, this was that moment!  The Big Horn Sheep suddenly was perfectly silhouetted against the sunset mountains and surrounded by high-rising plants.  I got the shot and immediately knew I had something special.

This photo was a finalist in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest in England.  It remains today one of my most exciting photos.

If you enjoy some absolute peace and quiet from the big-city world that we live in, I highly recommend visiting Borrego Springs!

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